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Ice Schedules & Program Information

3 on 3 Adult Hockey Summer Schedule - July 25 to August 30, 2017

Fall 2017 Arena Programs
Fall 2017 Ice Schedule


Arena Description

• Arena #1 was built in 1971.  Arena #2 and Leisure Ice was built in 1996.

• Arena #1 & #2 are 85 ft. x 200 ft. and the Leisure Ice area is approximately 4000 square ft.

• Arena #1 has 4 dressing rooms plus an additional female only dressing room.  Arena #2 has 5 dressing rooms plus an additional female only dressing room.

• Skate shop offers skate sharpening and skate rental services - 110 pairs of hockey skates and 100 pairs of figure skates.

• Arena #1 seats 742 and Arena #2 seats 150.  

Arena Rules

In our arena you must:

• Always skate in control:

• Maintain a safe speed.
Skate in the same direction.
Avoid weaving in and out of other skaters.

• We strongly encourage all facility users to wear a hockey or snowboarding helmet for all on ice activities.  Helmets should be properly sized and appropriate for the activity.  Helmets not available on site. 

• Reserve skating aids (pylons, shopping carts etc.) for non-skaters only.

• Immediately leave the ice surface whenever the ice resurfacer is on the ice or the resurfacer gates are open.

The following is not allowed on the ice:

• Fighting, tripping, horseplay, unsafe games (crack the whip, tag, etc.) or engaging in any other conduct likely to cause an injury.

• Spitting, foul language or aggressive behaviour towards staff or other patrons.

• Hockey sticks, pucks, balls or equipment during public skates.  Pond hockey with a sponge puck may be permitted —please enquire with a skate patrol.

• Jumps, spins or other figure skating routines during public skates.

• Gouging the ice.

• Sitting or standing on rink boards.  Players and penalty boxes are out of bounds during public skates.

• Persons not wearing skates. 

• Shoes, food, drink, gum or chewing tobacco. 

• Collecting snow or making snowballs.

• Piggy backing or carrying another person.  Parents with small children are encouraged to use strollers.

• Articles in the arena are left at your own risk.  Please keep benches clear.

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